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Led by Artistic Director Nancy Paradis, LA Dance Moves introduces to the world a new genre of performance art. This is for the visionaries; dancers and musical artists alike, who can intimately share their stories of love, life, pain, and triumph through both sight and sound. The mission is to Inspire by touching the heart and illuminating the soul. We invite you to watch our latest works so you can enjoy this unique and visceral experience.

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Upcoming Events


Back to the Heart

The True LA Dance Moves Experience

Saturday, August 7th 2:30-4:00pm

Performing Arts Center Black Box Filming Studio

7075 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys CA  


NOW see this live performance in a 


coming 2022!



LA Dance Moves is Fiscally Sponsored by Dance Resource Center. Since recent shut-downs, we have been especially determined to help dancers return to what they have trained their entire lives for.  This is a trying time for The Arts so your donations are fully appreciated. Your contribution will bring opportunity to create, perform and bring high quality dance works for you, the dance enthusiast. The Dance Resource Center of Greater Los Angeles is a 501(c)3 organization as defined by the US Internal Revenue Service. All donations are fully tax deductible in accordance with law. Please consult your tax advisor for confirmation.

Previous Works

LA Dance Moves encourages the collaboration of the dancer, musician and artist to bring forward a unique experience. To date, we have created with classical, neo-classical and contemporary ballet dancers, contemporary dancers, modern dancers, B-Boy and poppers/lockers. Artists have been parkour artists, hula-hoopers, motivational speakers, narrators, actors and American sign language artist (ASL). Musicians include violinist and piano cover artists, cellist, vocalists, electronic dance music (edm) composers, Grammy award winning new age pianists, film composers and a full wind ensemble.

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