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"Back to the Heart​"

The True LA Dance Moves Experience 

Feature Documentary is now being submitted to

Film Festivals globally!

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LA Dance Moves, directed by Nancy Paradis​, is thrilled to collaborate with award-winning filmmaker and composer Frederick Keeve in this intimate and innovative live filming and concert. 


The LA Dance Moves Experience is a concept-based theme work, in which the composer is part of the choreography in order to intimately bind the music with the dancers. 


Performing in-the-moment with live, improvisational piano, you will witness art being created in real time as the dancers respond to Frederick's music for the first time. You will be part of an improvisational piano and dance concert of visual and emotional beauty.


In addition, you will be the first to see another unique concept work in a duet, which was created to honor Frederick's music and will be submitting to dance and film festivals this year.


Filmed by industry icon Jerry Evans of JLE Media Group, you will see the inner workings of the filming process and artistic direction on stage that usually happen behind the scenes.


Film and Documentary currently being submitted to Film Festivals  

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Hear LA Dance Moves and Frederick's Album: "Music from the Heart" 

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